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Etched Glass

Etched glass is obtained by applying sand blasting on the clear float glass to produce visual tones with a feel of frosted, deep carved and shaded designs.  It is one of the cost effective process, ideal for both residential and commercial projects.

Frosted / Silver Washed Glass

Frosted / Silver Washed Glass " data-content="Frosted glass is obtained by applying sandblasting or silver wash on the clear float glass. It has the effect of rendering the glass translucent by scattering of light during transmission, thus blurring images while still transmitting light.    Glass frosting could be applied to the privacy desired areas like partitions, conference rooms, reception etc to provide beautiful environment with elegant or sophisticated designs.  The frosted / silver washed glass could be made more attractive by applying colouring to it.

Textured Glass

Textured Glass " data-content="Textured glass adds visual interest and varying levels of opacity to just about any application by creating subtle shifting of light. This is widely applied in glass cabinet for bathrooms, glass partitions and glass room dividers, glass counter tops and decorative glass windows and could be applied on clear glass / toughened clear glass for safety and security.  Texture Glass lets you create a fresh, contemporary look on modern design with classic style providing high versatility throughout the applied area, and enjoy a high level of privacy.  Different type of textures like DOT, SCRATCH, GRASS, CHECKERED etc., could be applied to get a desired look and feel as required.

Designer Mirror

Mirror brings a strong visual weight and tends to attract a great deal of attention and command.  They are one of the wonderful ways to brighten up a room and introduce elements of elegance and beauty to it. These are basically available as frameless mirrors, wall mirrors, bathroom mirrors. Our fascinating and attractive collection of mirrors could be used in residential and commercial establishment like hotels, resorts, restaurants etc. We offer these in various attractive designs and colors to cater to diverse needs of our customers.

Designer Shower Enclosure

Designer Shower Enclosure" data-content="The compact shower enclosure is a beautifully designed structure that utilizes space to the maximum.  Its functionality is heightened by its aesthetic appeal which is the secret behind its wide popularity.  Shower enclosures come along with a wide range of design patterns to provide more privacy in the rest room.

Coloured Glass

Coloured Glass is obtained by spraying colours onto the silver washed clear float glass. Colouring could be applied on floral, abstract and geometrical designs to add more beauty and colourfulness to the glass.

Jelly Belly Glass

Jelly Belly Glass is obtained by embossing small tiny chipped glasses on a clear float glass to provide crack effect and shine like a diamond in the natural lighting. Generally this type of glass is suitable for making table tops made out of mirrors to make it more attractive and used in both residential and commercial establishments.

Fusion Glass

Fusion Glass is obtained by embossing predefined gas blowing moulding according to the design requirements.

Bevelled Glass

Bevelled Glass " data-content="Bevelled glass is usually made by taking thick glass and creating an angled surface cut (bevel) around the entire periphery. Bevels act as prisms in the sunlight creating an interesting color diffraction which both highlights the glass work and provides a spectrum of colors which would ordinarily be absent in clear float glass.

Cluster Work Glass

Cluster Work Glass an be obtained as clusters which are arranged to create a specific design. These can vary from simple three or four piece designs, cluster work can be made in abstract patterns,traditional patterns,in doors and windows.Cluster work gives 3D diamond effect when embossed in glass to glass.Colour clusters are also used for designer glass according to client specification.

Penciling Glass

Round Edge also known as Pencil, weber, crown, semi-round, half-moon, diamond) Cut edge of glass slightly curved to form an arc of a circle of selected radius. Degree of roundness depends on customer specification.

Glass name Board

We are offering a superior quality range of Glass Name Plate which is widely used in homes, restaurants, offices and others.

Patch Fittings & Patch Fixing

We are offering a superior quality patch fittings & patch fixing